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Patch led lamp beads welding method

I believe many people are more familiar with the patch led lamp beads, but for the patch led lamp beads welding method is still not clear to many people, the following details for everyone.

one. manual welding
1. It is recommended that reflow soldering be used under normal conditions and manual soldering only when repair is needed.
2. The maximum power of the soldering iron used for manual soldering should not exceed 30W. The soldering temperature should be controlled within 300°C and the soldering time should be less than 3 seconds.
3 soldering iron welding head can not touch and patch LED lamp beads colloid, so as not to damage the LED lamp beads at high temperature.
4. When the pin is heated to 85°C or higher than this temperature, the LED chip beads cannot be stressed, otherwise the gold wire is easily disconnected.

two. Reflow soldering
1. Reflow soldering peak temperature: 260°C or lower than this temperature (lamp surface temperature).
2. The time required for the temperature to rise above 210°C: 30 seconds or less.
3. Reflow soldering is usually once, no more than twice.
4. After reflow soldering, the LED lamp beads need to be cooled to room temperature before touching the surface of the LED colloid.

 The above is a detailed introduction to the patch led lamp beads welding method, I hope to be helpful to everyone, lamp beads welding is a technical activity, you need to find a strong manufacturer cooperation, quality is guaranteed.
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