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Brake lights, taillight and other automotive LED light source - Piranha LED lamp bead

 Lists make our choices easy.

Want to find a good manufacturer, turn over LED manufacturers list;To understand new products, brush the recommendation list of different platforms;Shopping, there is a list of good things;Watch movies, have a good list......So, isn't our list of "car LED light sources" also a convenient list to choose?


List of automotive LED light sources


YULIANG LED  has a variety of LED models and specifications for different automotive applications, such as day running lights, turn signals, taillights, brake lights, vehicle lighting, etc.

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LED beads suitable for daily running lights are:"GY" series 3433 lamp bead, "anti-vulcanization" series 2735 lamp bead and 5730LED lamp bead.

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LED beads suitable for turn signals are:Flat-head Piranha LED, 5mm Piranha LED, "xhm" Series 3528 Raised Head lamp bead (60°)LED lamp bead light Angle can be 30 °, 60 °, 90 ° to achieve small Angle light control, light concentration, indicating car dynamic information.



5mm piranha LED light Angle can be 30 °, 90 ° small Angle light control, high brightness, no center bright spot.



5mm Piranha LED parameters





The LED lamp beads for taillights and brake lights are 5mm bullet piranha LED, medium power piranha LED and 3mm piranha LED.The common characteristics of the three piranha LED lamp beads are: high brightness, no central bright spot, uniform light spot, light concentration to enhance the prompt effect, meet the requirements of high brightness of automotive LED, and cope with various bad weather with low visibility.

640.webp (3).jpg


5mm bullet piranha LED parameters



medium power piranha LED parameters



3mm piranha LED parameters





Yuliang electric is suitable for vehicle lighting LED beads: Flat head piranha LED, "unique" series 3014 side luminous LED.


Light bead low power consumption, color selection and easy to control and other characteristics can meet the requirements of the car lighting.

640.webp (3).jpg


Flat-head piranha adopts wafer chip package, low light decay process, good waterproof performance;

Can do different power specifications, adapt to different market needs.



Flat-headed piranha LED parameters



YuLiang electric service LED car light industry for more than 10 years, for many model brands to provide taillights, brake lights, turn signals, license plate lights, daily running lights, LED headlights, atmosphere lights and so on.Continuously improve the consistency of product light and color, and develop LED products more in line with customer needs;Adhering to the quality policy of "to meet customer needs with high quality, continuous improvement and innovation" can create more valuable LED application solutions for customers.